No Elephants Online?

Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Dr. Cassandra McBride-Smith to provide another commentary in a series.

Training- No Elephants Online

As the founder of my training company McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group, we focus on creating content specific to the employee’s or customer’s needs. No extraneous information is needed for the actual content – very matter-of-fact. In one of the chapters of my book Confidence Slayers Fragile Souls, I offer best practices for training leaders and employees. Sometimes individuals do not know they are confidence slayers, revisit my previous articles/audio on what a confidence slayer is, and training makes them more aware. Regardless of if you are trying to drive a behavior change, or launch a new product, training must be devised in a way that is not overwhelming to the busy adult learner.

Employers are often on a rinse-and-repeat cycle. They say they want to meet customers’ needs and develop consumer-specific products, but when it comes to training their salesforce or direct employees impacted by the product launch, they tend to revert to cognitive overload. What do you think the impact is for employees trying to promote the product and explain it to the customer? You must start thinking differently about training, enabling the frontline, and not relegating training to a secondary task.  

If you want to improve the customer experience and customer desired outcomes, really think about your employee training and employee engagement. From an online learning (e-Learning) perspective, I like to say that you cannot put an elephant online, metaphorically. Sometimes content developers and subject matter experts like to add a lot of content in the e-learning space. This is not adult learner centric.

Here’s a training tip:

Learner-centric content keeps the busy adult learner in mind, is engaging with interactive media, and is usually scoped and designed around the value and differentiators of the product.  

McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group offers employee engagement training. We implement simple ways to train busy adults in the workforce based on adult learning principles.

Dr. Cassandra McBride-Smith is a thought leader in people management, CEO and founder of McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group with over 22 years of training and professorship in Adult Learning. Her company specializes in helping businesses with training strategies, employee engagement, creating eLearning, and building leadership skills.

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